• Fees are paid in advance per term to secure your place, please note some classes have waiting lists.
  • You will be invoiced via email before the end of term for the following term and fees are due on the last day of the first week of the new term.
  • Discounts apply for families with 3 or more classes (10%) 5 or more classes (15%) and 7 or more (20%)
  • Fees are not refundable and cannot be carried forward (including classes, workshops, summer schools, exam and show fees).
  • Late fee of £5 will be applied at the end of week 1 to overdue invoices (unless advised). (Affective of January 2018)
  • Fees are not transferable from one child to another whether in the same family or not.
  • Fees are subject to change at the beginning of the year.
  • 6 lessons notice or payment in lieu is required if a child is to be withdrawn from classes. If notice is not received, the next term’s fees are payable.

Missed Classes

  • A child will be able to make up any missed classes within the same term as long as the class is of appropriate level.
  • This depends on available space in a similar class. A child cannot do a make-up class in a full class.


  • The Kinecroft Academy of Dance reserves the right to alter the timetable at any given time and without notice.


  • In case of individual sessions being cancelled, KAD will refund the required fee if the session cannot be made up elsewhere.
  • KAD reserves the right to cancel classes last minute due to unforeseen circumstances.

Parents Responsibilities

  • To make sure all contact details are up to date and provide several contact numbers in the unlikely case of an accident.
  • If a student is required to take medication whilst participating in KAD dance activities, parents/carers should take full responsibility and ensure teaching staff are properly informed.
  • To make sure student attends class with the uniform specified. All items are to be named.
  • Items of uniform to be clean, good condition and of the correct size especially footwear.
  • Items of footwear are not permitted to be worn outside of the dance studio and alternative footwear should be worn to and from class.
  • Hair is to be of an appropriate style for the class to be taken. Hair should be secured off the face and neck, out of the eyes thus not causing distraction to dancer.
  • Please ensure student has been to the toilet (needed or not) to avoid accidents and disruption of the class for the other dancers in attendance.
  • Please ensure that all children are collected on time at the end of their class/es by a parent or carer. Please notify the teacher at the start of the class if someone else will be collecting your child. If you are going to be late the child will remain in the studio with the teacher until you arrive.
  • To make the teacher aware of unusual circumstances that may affect the students well being i.e. death of a family member, divorce or any other situation with out meaning to be intrusive.
  • To inform teachers of any medical conditions, learning difficulties (Nut sufferer, epileptic, asthma, diabetic, etc) and any conditions that may need special attention
  • At the end of each term, parents are invited to watch classes. During normal term-time however, this is not permitted as the presence of parents/carers distracts the children. Having a ‘performance’ opportunity to work towards also aids the pupils’ understanding of rehearsing + practising for a specific goal. If you have concerns or questions about your child’s training, please email or call during office hours. We are not able to give you our full attention during teaching hours or between classes. Please tick to indicate you understand and agree to the stated policy.


  • Children develop at differing rates and therefore teachers will inform parents when it is time for their child to move up to the next class.
  • For some children, taking exams is not beneficial and parents will again be informed by the teacher when and if their child is being considered for entry.
  • Kinecroft Academy of Dance (KAD) operates an equal opportunities policy and reserves the right to refuse or withdraw places at their discretion.


  • Teachers at KAD hold full, enhanced DBS checks and attend regular Paediatric First Aid, Child Protection and Safeguarding courses to keep their knowledge and skills current.
  • Teaching staff at KAD will administer basic first aid and seek further medical treatment if necessary.
  • KAD accepts no responsibility for loss or damage to personal belongings whilst on the premises.
  • Where appropriate teaching staff at KAD may use physical contact to support verbal instruction and corrections. This will only happen where necessary and all teachers employed by KAD hold full + current DBS checks.
  • Teachers are responsible for children only during their class and when in the studio

RAD Ballet Exams / ISTD Tap & Modern Exams

  • Exam fees must be paid before the exam closing date and are nonrefundable.
  • Any pupil who cannot take the exam due to illness will require a doctor’s letter in order to obtain a refund.